Rahul Gandhi, who reached the Gujarat Mission, again surrounded the government on GST, said, “India should not have 5 separate taxes


Ahmedabad: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who arrived on a three-day visit to the state in the wake of the Gujarat assembly elections, praised the government’s announcement of GST yesterday. He started his tour by going to the Akshardham temple where he had reached the airport directly. After this, he said to the people of Chiloba in Gandhinagar, “It is good that the Congress party and the people of India have pressurized the BJP and brought 20 per cent more items to 18 per cent.

They said, but we are not happy, we will not stop now. Hindustan does not want 5 different taxes Need a tax. He emphasized that structural changes should be needed. During the three-day road trip, Rahul Gandhi will visit six districts of North Gujarat. In the tour, she will meet with women, villagers and people from different communities. The temple of Ambala ji in Banaskantha district is also being told in their schedule. In recent times Rahul has made such publicity visits in Saurashtra, Central Gujarat and South Gujarat.

At the same time, two GST council meeting in Guwahati has changed the GST rates for a total of 211 items. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said after the GST Council meeting that the GST rate on 178 items has been reduced to 18 percent. New rates for GST will be effective from November 15.

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