Sunny leone’s photo is now using by farmers to protect acres of farm from bad eyes

The story of Sunny Leone is different. Her charms, judgments, beauty makes everyone feel secure. Sunny has done many advertisements besides many number of movies and item numbers till date. People are following them after seeing their dances and dance. But there is another such thing which only works out of Sunny’s picture. It will look strange but knowing this is a big fun.

A farmer from Andhra Pradesh has put a big picture of Sunny Leone to keep his 10 acre farm away from a bad eye.

Sunny leone's photo is now using by farmers to protect acres of farm from bad eyes
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Chenchu Reddy, a 45-year-old farmer from Banda Kindi Pale village in Nellore district, did this to save his farm from a bad point. He wrote on this big poster of Sunny Leone, do not cry and do not burn me.

Reddy did this because his crop was very good last year. Because of this, many people in the village used to burn them and to save their eyes, Reddy posted this sunny poster.

Reddy told that his recipe was his job. Now my crop is not seeing anyone. Reddy does not even have the problem of accusing this. He said that the officials here do not know our motions or problems. Why do they object?

Sunny is very busy in south nowadays. Earlier, a person from Tamil Nadu filed a complaint against Sunny promoting obscenity. Apart from this Sunny Tamil film will also be seen in Veeram Devi.

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