Farah Khan slept in her own birthday party, She claims her friends in returns gets this answer

Recently, a photo of Farah Khan’s Birthday has become viral on social media. In which Farah is seen sleeping. While sharing the photo, he wrote “Friends who love you let you sleep at ur own party”

This statement by Huma …

In this photo with Farah, Tabu and actress Huma Qureshi are also seen. Huma replied to Farah, writing: “We have not called you, you slept on your own,”

Let us know that Farah has celebrated his birthday recently. In his birthday party, many big celebs were present including Malaika Arora, Shweta Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff.

Mary and Shirish are doing well, because we both are different from each other and we know this from the very first day. You will not believe, but when I first met Shirish, she felt very stubborn and then she started getting annoyed with me, but when I worked with her then found that she was not so bad. Just do not have to talk to him lovingly and then I slowly started liking him. We both do not come in the work of each other and it is probably good that between us..

Farah Khan slept in his own birthday party, She claims her friends in returns gets this answer
Farah khan with her husband /Image credit : The Bridal Box

Who told you first about yourself and Shirish ?

To tell the truth, I did not want to tell anyone, but one day Gauri saw us and he understood that something is going on between us. Then Shahrukh asked me at a party at his house and I told him everything. Perhaps Shah Rukh did this intentionally. He knew that I would be so excited at the party and would just tell him.

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