#SunnyLeoneChallenge : Leone’s challenge getting viral on social media, winner can get exciting gifts,watch video

In the Bollywood Hot Actresses, a Sunny Leone recently gave a challenge to his fans and users on social media. If someone is able to complete this challenge, he will not only get a video call with Sunny but also a smartphone. Sunny Leone has uploaded a video in which it has challenged how you can express your love through video. Make a video via the Hypestar app and upload this video to Twitter with “SunnyLeoneChallenge” After doing this, Sunny Leone will choose the winners from whom they will make the video call. Not only this, they will also gift smartphones.

Sunny Leone has uploaded a video about this challenge. In which he is dancing on a Punjabi song, and many of his friends are dancing with him in the middle. At present, Sunny’s Challenge video has received more than 15,000 views. Sunny Leone Challenge is also trending on Twitter. Let’s say that Sunny Leone recently came to the film ‘Tera intezaar’. But it could not show up at the box office.

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Sunny was accompanied by Arbaaz Khan, brother of Salman Khan, his co-star. There is a protest in Karnataka on Sunny Leone, because she was going to give a performance at the capital New Delhi on New Year’s Eve. Local people say that it is against the culture of the city.

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