Assam Woman Kills Husband For Raping Teenage Daughter


one of the shameless story from assam. Manik Narah, a resident of Nowboicha in upper Assam, was killed by his wife Junaki who accused him of raping their daughter on several occasions. A 45-year old man in Assam’s in Lakhimpur district was murdered by his wife on Sunday for allegedly raping the couple’s teenage daughter.

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“The women from assam killed her husband because he always use to misbehave with their children and on every occasion he used to rape their children.This is not first time he rape. He continue rapping their children along with wife.

Narah’s body, which bore several wound marks, was found from a field by villagers. Preliminary investigation suggests he may have died due to excessive bleeding from injuries inflicted by a sharp dagger.

Despite all these allegations of rape and sexual misbehave junaki has not reported to police station because she knew  if she gonna report to police station,he might save himself by taking support of so called indian law.