Apart from security, Virat has taken selfie with special children


Virat Kohli on his amazing batting has become a favorite of everyone, but apart from this he has many specialties, who say that he is equally unmatched.

Their same quality came when the team was leaving the stadium. During this time, many people were cheering their star players in Team India. The players were leaving and their fans were watching them.

In the same audience were some special children who were on the wheel chair. When Virat Kohli saw them, he came to them. Virat shook hands with everyone. Apart from this, autographs are also given to all children. Virat also slammed himself on this occasion.

Virat’s video related to this incident is becoming very viral. This video is about the time when Team India is moving from bus to airport. At the same time, Kohli ignored his security and met these children. These children were seen on the spot in the name of Kohli’s card in hand.

Apart from security, Virat has taken selfie with special children
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These videos are during the T20 series that took place in New Zealand. For the first time in this series Team India beat New Zealand in the T20 Series.

After this Team India is now ready to face Sri Lankan team. The Sri Lankan team will also play one-day and Twenty-20 series in addition to the three Tests in this tour. However, in view of the way Sri Lanka’s team is performing badly, it can be said that the team in front of Team India will not be able to do any great thing.

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