After all, why Amitabh bachchan said, ‘I have no legacy to leave behind me’

Bollywood’s Emperor Amitabh Bachchan knows that people recognize him as the son of noted poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Big B said, As far as my personal concern is concerned, I am in public life for almost 50 years. But as a son of legendary poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, I was born in public life because of his personality in public life. 

He said, I have no legacy of my own. I have my father’s legacy, I am interested in Sanjone and will keep up even more. 

Amitabh bachchan also said that ” what he have learnt from his father that is really meaningful and practical in life”. He also confirmed that he will pass all the important thing that he learnt to his child junior bachchan Abhishek. 

There was question arises about the grandchildren that how you will manage to do for your grandchildren then he replied in decent way that “All this is conducive to family circumstances. Every family has its own conduct, which is complied with in such a way that the next generation keeps the legacy of the past alive”. Everyone on the beautiful earth wished their children to maintain this sentiment throughout the life. 

In recent days Amitabh bachchan movie 102 Not Out going well on the box office. This movie is all about the family sentiment. Here amitabh bachchan is playing the role of 102 years old father and Rishi kapoor playing the role of 75 years old son who spend his life in turbulence.

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